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  1. _ev added a post in a topic: Vote server not registering   

    I've already sent a message to the person/people running Minecraft Server List, but over the last week (possibly longer) I've been getting an error whenever I try to submit a vote at - http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/182095/vote/. The error displays as:
    SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
    It is possible they aren't escaping special characters properly, and the underscore at the beginning of my MC name is the source of the issue. But has anyone else run into this issue? I doubt anything can be done from the CakeMine side, but if people submit error reports to MSL, then maybe it will get fixed sooner rather than later. The admin is Claush and his/her email is - contact@minecraft-server-list.com
    I heard back from Claush and s/he said:
    UPDATE 2
    Another message from Claush:
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  2. _ev added a post in a topic: Shops Revamp, New Plugin!   

    Re: Shop Keepers
    skyboot11 has added me as a keeper to his fledgling shop, but I seem to be unable to add new items to the stock, nor can I add to existing stock. The tooltip within the Manage Shopkeepers UI when hovering over the ender chest seemed to indicate a Keeper can add to stock. (As an aside, the tooltip is displayed partially off-screen for me. YMMV.)
    Related to this, can we get a link to the plugin dev's site? My Google-fu is strong, but I keep coming up with info on the old plugin, and I'd like to know more about the features and limitations.
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  3. _ev added a post in a topic: Planned Maintenance - May 25th - 12PM EST   

    Looks like my flytime got reset with this maintenance. Anyone else run into this?
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  4. _ev added a post in a topic: Shops Revamp, New Plugin!   

    Oh, sorry, it was Amount Sold I clicked, not Price. I just tried again the same way - clicked Manage Item, then Set Amount. I entered a number (64) and clicked the paper on the right. This time, it closed the GUI and the chest didn't break, so I'm not entirely sure what I did different. Tried to change the price as well, and again, this time it worked.
    As for the shops being closed, I must've misunderstood the OP. It mentions the shop starting clsoed because it lacks inventory, so I assumed it would auto-open once I added products. Found the Open/Close toggle tho. Thanks!
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  5. _ev added a post in a topic: Shops Revamp, New Plugin!   

    Had my first go at making two new chest shops, with variable results.
    Overall I like it, but I ran into an issue trying to set a price on an item. The anvil GUI came up, I typed a number and clicked and then EXPLODEY! Then the shop fell apart and I was out ~1000. I also hadn't realized each new chest shop will cost you a ~1000 upon creation. A deposit system might be nice as opposed to a purchase system, if such thing is possible.
    I've got two set up now on the outside of my Big Red X store if people want to see what they look like.
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