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  1. chickenman8881 added a post in a topic: My name is chickenman8881   

    Hello some of you may remmeber me some of you may not I was just curious as to wether this server was still running as I tried joining and was still on 1.8 I got a new pc so i thought hey cakemine please respond asap
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  2. chickenman8881 added a post in a topic: Introducing me :)   

    Hello there cakeminers i am chickenman8881 if u have already met me then yay ur awesome if not then become awesome. I have been on this server for a while now and i love it. I am a youtuber and soon to hopefully make videos on my channel is my gaming name. Also i am soon setting up a business where you can pay either money or items and i will build u a house (NOT WILD), i will have more info if u ask me in game about it.i hope to make many more friends. also i play xbox and roblox my roblox is rainbow007. have a good day thank you for reading this. :D I am Australian :)
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