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  1. Today we're proud to announce the shops are getting a revamp! We are replacing the old ChestShop plugin with a new shop plugin that offers some awesome features. Instead of hundreds of chests + signs + item frames (one for every. single. item. ) for shops, spread out over large sprawling shops, the new plugin allows listing nearly unlimited items in a single shop (though we will allow up to 6 shops per player, for design purposes). Creating and using these new shops may be confusing at first, but the GUI is very straight forward and self-explanatory, and we're confident people can pick it up fast.
    New Features:
    GUI Shops. No more looking up IDs to add items, just shift-click then set the price!Sell nearly unlimited items in a single shop.Arrange items in shops how you want.Have optional "Live Economy" pricing, per-item:If players buy a lot of an item from you, the price goes up. If they sell a lot to you, the price goes down.This is all automatic, at a rate you set per-item.Players can have up to 6 shops on their shop plots, allow for creative arrangements, multiple shopkeepers, departments, whatever...Style shops how you want: Chest shop, Hologram Shop, or NPC shops!Premium players get exclusive access to certain NPC shops types, and premium players with the pets packages get even more!(Buyers)
    GUI Shops, no more running around to dozens of chests to find one item.Search for items by name, type, etc.Easily buy and sell items, no more confusion about left/right click and which is the buy or sell price.Open a players shop from anywhere in the city! 
    Shop Plots
    Along with this new plugin, will come changes to shop plots: mainly they will be smaller to allow for more players to have their own shops. Players won't need as much space to cram in many chests, so will be more free to build something cool and just have a "shopkeeper" NPC serve their customers their items. It will also be much easier for us to repossess shop plots, as we won't have tons of shop chests to sort through. We will also be getting rid of the shop "map" near spawn, as it is just too difficult to keep updated consistently. We will be very critical of any shop that has not changed to use the new shop system.
    Shop plots are also now limited to one shop plot per player, and only shop owners can place shops on the plot!
    Current Shops
    We will be keeping the ChestShop plugin installed for the time-being so current shops will still work, but we will be working to phase these out, and will be very likely to repossess any shop still using ChestShops, especially as we move closer to removing the plugin entirely.
    Creating a Shop
    I will update the "Creating Shops" how-to thread with detailed information on using the shop system, but here is the basics to get people started:
    Place a chest on a shop plot.Put a sign on that chest (ignore the private stuff), and type [shop] on the first line:
     Name your shop in the anvil GUI:
     There, you've created your shop! Notice it says "Closed" on the front, thats because there's nothing in it yet!Add an item by shift-clicking, or dragging it from your inventory. Click the item to manage the price.

    Hover over every item in the shop menu to learn about what it does, how to add items, change settings, etc, etc.