1. poopa


  2. UberTheRedstoner

    How do I change my profile name (ILikeCats)?

  3. Bunny_Butts


    Another day on Cakemine.. But another enjoyable day in its community.

  4. UberTheRedstoner

    I mean mod. But still.

  5. UberTheRedstoner

    I was made an admin. O_O.

  6. UberTheRedstoner » therealTomato8888

    tomato I bought your wfc plot but it has furnaces on it that are locked

  7. Absentee23

    Finished up the Tower parkour :D

    1. TheNael

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  8. Absentee23

    Hope everyone had a happy holidays and a great 2014!

  9. Bunny_Butts

    Heh my friend whom I was skyping at the time said the /home command wasn't working, so Um can you check it out?


  10. RZYao

    Hey my computer just started working it broke haha


  11. Absentee23

    CakeCr8s are gr8 m8, 8/8!

  12. Bunny_Butts

    I cant connect to the best server ever! ()O() Help!!!

  13. RZYao


  14. SaFireFoxGAMEZ


  15. SaFireFoxGAMEZ

    Learning how to ride a horse *first step is falling off*

  16. SaFireFoxGAMEZ

    Hey guys SaFireFox is here to play on cakemine!

  17. PetalsPer

    Never-mind that your reaction was to harass us in as many ways as possible before and after the appeal.
    And if you would die over not being allowed on a minecraft server you should seek help. That is not regular behavior and should be addressed by a professional.

  18. Absentee23

    "also it states in the appeal denied section QUOTE-Petalsper:" we treat our players FAIRLY" why not treat me fairly"
    We did, when you were told FOUR times via youtube comments how to appeal, and you only listened after I blocked you there. We do not want someone who is going to act like you (harassing and lying) are on our server, period, and that decision will never change.

  19. PetalsPer

    This just solidifies that we made the correct decision. Accept the ruling with grace. If you had told the truth, acknowledged what you did was wrong and, affirmed you would not do it again you would have been unbanned. Instead you did everything we dont want to see. We do NOT want to see shifting of blame, bribing with information, and lying in an appeal.

  20. GodAppleGamer1 » PetalsPer

    also Petals You were acting like a heartless Butthole when you said you don't want sob stories basically implying you would have rathered me die than have come across minecraft!!! WOW

  21. GodAppleGamer1 » PetalsPer

    Also Petals You don't really know how close I live to the vet its 3 minutes to the wet and 8 to get a shot and medicine 1 to pay and 3 to go home, 15 minutes isn't alot

  22. GodAppleGamer1 » Absentee23

    also it states in the appeal denied section QUOTE-Petalsper:" we treat our players FAIRLY" why not treat me fairly