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Vote server not registering

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I've already sent a message to the person/people running Minecraft Server List, but over the last week (possibly longer) I've been getting an error whenever I try to submit a vote at - The error displays as:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

It is possible they aren't escaping special characters properly, and the underscore at the beginning of my MC name is the source of the issue. But has anyone else run into this issue? I doubt anything can be done from the CakeMine side, but if people submit error reports to MSL, then maybe it will get fixed sooner rather than later. The admin is Claush and his/her email is -


I heard back from Claush and s/he said:

error resides in the servers votifier (the plugin that registers the vote on the server), so you can tell the admin of the server about the error. Either it is a fault in the key they use, they changed IP but forgot to update the listing or something related.



Another message from Claush:

I just tested with a normal username, and same error - I can see it is more than a year ago the owner updated the listing.. So I suspect there is some kind of error in the Votifier Key they provided.

Solution to get this fixed, is to get the admin to update the listing at with an updated Votifier key

kind regards

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