Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: "What kind of server is CakeMine?"
A: As far as game-mode: CakeMine has Survival, Creative, and MiniGames servers.
As far as what the gameplay is like: The server is largely PvE and Economy based, even cross-server! Griefing IS allowed in the wild, however we have a protected city with plots where you can keep your stuff safe from griefing, and you get a starter plot for free! The intention is for players explore, gather, and survive in the wild, and return to the cube to buy, sell, trade and build amazing things. PvP is disabled everywhere but the Arenas and the HardPvP world. When you wanna switch it up from survival, head over to the MiniGames to beat up mobs and get cash for it, or claim some land in creative and build something amazing!
Q: "Can I be Admin/Moderator/have OP on the server?"
A: Short answer: No.
Long Answer: Additional Mods and Admins will be needed as the server grows larger, but the current admins can handle the current workload. In the future, mods and admins will be chosen from the active and known player base. We will not open applications, we will approach you privately with an offer. Basically: if you have to ask, you can't be one. If you have just joined and ask for OP or other ranks, we can pretty much guarantee you will never get it.
Q: "What are some commands I should know?"
  • /rules - duh, the rules
  • /guide - Get your guidebook and rulebook back.
  • /help - A full list of available plugins and commands.
  • /spawn - Sends you back to spawn
  • /sethome and /home - Sets your home without a bed, and teleports you home respectively. Only one home can be set.
  • /worth - Gets the price of the stack of items you are holding if sold to the server.
  • /auction - Learn how to auction items to other players on survival.
  • /sell and /sell all Sells the stack of items you are holding to the server. /sell all sells all of the items identical to what you are holding.
  • /jobs - Get a job!
  • /money - Check your balance.
  • /money pay <name> <amount> - Pay a player some money. Replace <name> with the players name, and <amount> with the amount you want to pay.
  • /tpa <name> - Request a teleport to a player. Replace <name> with the players name.
  • /tpahere <name> - Request a player teleport to you. Replace <name> with the players name.
Q: "Where are the warps/portals to the wild?"
A: Directly in front of you when you type /spawn. You have two choices: EasyPvE and HardPvP, and your inventories are shared between all survival worlds.
Q: "I don't like X rule or X policy, can you change it for me?"
A: Short answer: No.
Long Answer: Every single rule or policy has a reason for existing. If you truly feel something should be changed, in-game chat is NOT the way to go about arguing your case! You are more likely to get muted or kicked for excessively arguing with an admin, than you are likely to get your way. The proper way to voice your opinion is to make a post in the Feedback and Suggestions Forum, and if you can make a good argument for your idea, and other players support your idea, it may be implemented.

Building, Gathering, and Grief-Protection

Q: "Where can I build and mine?"
A: Anyone can immediately warp to The Wild and start mining or building, but beware, destruction is encouraged in the wild. Hide your base well! Protected plots are available in the city (there are even FREE small ones for new players!), and are the only way to guarantee the safety of your buildings.
Q: "So wait there is no protection in The Wild?
A: Not so fast, we do use Lockette server-wide, which allows the placement of [Private] signs on chests, doors, and some other items in the city and EasyPvE ONLY, NOT in HardPvP! These private signs and the container they are connected to cannot be destroyed by any means other than you destroying it.
Q: "Why is destruction in The Wild encouraged, but PvP disabled?"
A: If PvP were enabled, it brings the problem of player harassment by continually killing them, camping the warps for newbies to spawnkill, etc. We want to provide a fun place for players to play without this kind of headache. As far as being able to protect your structures from intruders: You can't. You can't sit online all day and protect it, enabling PvP to allow defending creations would only make people note the location and come back when you are offline. Build in the city if you don't want to risk losing materials to players destroying stuff. Only in the city can we keep you safe!
Q: So where can I have my building protected?
A: If it isn't obvious yet (or you skipped right to this question), the only areas that are protected are the plots available to players inside the city. Plots for various purposes are available to players, including Home/General plots in WaterFallCity, Shop Plots for players to create stores in order to sell items to players through ChestShops, Farm Plots to allow for industrial-scale farming, and Fancy Plots which are located in various awesome locations exclusive to these plots.
Q: "How do I get a plot?"
A: All available plots have a sign next to them with the price. For now, there are free plots for new players or those without a plot Right clicking the sign will give you more info about buying or renting, and looking at the sign then typing /selfservice buy will buy the plot and remove the balance from your account. Players may only take a plot listed as "Free" when they do not already own a plot.

Economy, Shops, and Trade.

Q: "How can I make money?"
  1. Selling to the Server: Players can initially use the command /worth to find an items server sell price, and /sell to sell items to the server. This provides a relatively small income, allowing you to buy a bigger plot, or invest in a farm and shop plot. Farming a mass amount of items or breeding many animals to sell can be a steady income supply, either sold to the server for cheap, or made into food and marked up to sell to players.
  2. Auction items to Players: You can start an auction for almost any item, to sell it to anyone who wants to /bid!
  3. Get a job: CakeMine runs mcJobs to provide a steady income while just doing everyday tasks. Everyone should get a job, and players can have up to 3 jobs.
  4. Start a business: Invest in a shop plot and build a store! Using ChestShops, you will be able to create a shop to sell the items you gather or craft! This is BY FAR the way to make the MOST money. I have personally topped the balance (and real estate...) charts on similar servers by running amazing shops using simple supply-and-demand methods. Save up and invest in a shop plot (and a farm, for a steady supply of food!) to create your own shop! If you want to afford the most expensive real estate we are going to offer, this is the way to do it. You might think players will just want to gather it themselves, but many are lazy and will just want to buy food or armor, etc. REMEMBER: you can price items at whatever you want, but items are only worth as much as a player will pay! This is almost always significantly higher than the server price. Shops also allow you to generate income while you are offline!
Q: "How Do I create a ChestShop?"
A: See the ChestShop BukkitDev Page for info on how to make a ChestShop. Use /iteminfo while holding an item to get that items names/ID for the sign. ChestShops can only be created in the shop areas for general shops, in the farm areas for farm supplies ONLY, and in the wild anywhere, but only 4 chests per player in any nearby area.
Q: "Why can't I /sell X to the server?"
A: Any items that are unable to be sold to the server are usually rare or hard to obtain, and should be sold to other players privately or through shops.
Q: "Why is the worth/server price so low for X"
A: The prices are set at what they are to encourage player selling and trading. There is an entire area in the city dedicated to allow players to build shops to sell to other players through ChestShops for any price that you want.

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